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Product: CBC30PTs

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    Product Manufacturer: Quantum
    Designed by Quantum for saltwater casting. Features a very solid, one-piece aluminum frame with a high-capacity, forged aluminum spool and continuous Anti-Reverse. The internals feature super-hard, brass alloy machined gears, an adjustable centrifugal cast control and a magnum ceramic drag protected with six layers of Quantum's Saltgard™ for corrosion resistance. The reel comes with a very nice protective neoprene reel bag.
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    Price Paid: 185
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: Cost, location of clicker, internal cast control
    Pros: Casting, large line capacity, solid metal frame
    I wanted a good saltwater casting reel to go on a light surf rod that I was building. Wanted a low profile design, with large capacity that could cast 1/2 up to 2 oz, and cast a mile. Needed to be strong and reliable for saltwater - but light as the intent was for casting and retrieving plugs, jerkbaits, top waters, etc. Really wanted external casting control as I did not want to be in the surf popping a cover off to adjust magnets.

    Well, my options got trimmed down really fast. Primarily due to the low profile. There are multiple low profile SW reels, but the capacity is limited. So, the Cabo pretty much made it to the top of the list. Which was fine as I am a Quantum fan.

    Reel Model: CBC30PTs
    Type: Right Hand Wide
    BB: 6
    Gear Ratio: 5.7:1
    Line Capacity (yds./lb. test): 270/14

    My initial take pulling it out of the box was the nice fit and finish. It felt solid in the hand and even though it had some mass was surprisingly light.. It is marketed as a low profile BC, but the gear housing sits above the reel foot. Its not a std. low profile, but, its not a std round BC reel either. It sits comfortably in the middle. The next thing noticed was the width. But, once again, felt really good in the hand.

    The next thing noticed was the small post that was on the spool. At first I was not sure of this design. Thought it was a great idea, especially for braid to prevent the line from slipping on the spool, but, was not sure how the line would lay with the protrusion. When I spooled it up, the line laid great without any problems after getting some line on it.

    Test casting during rod construction felt good. First few casts were good as the spool, in spite of the size, spun up nicely on long casts. The ACS was responsive and the spool tension worked very well. Could not wait to get the rod built and really cast it.

    Well, after a week of heavy use the reel is everything I expected. It casts a mile and works well - accurately and reliably. I did want to have external cast control, but the internal adjustment was not that bad. Was easy to pop the cover off and make adjustments. I did get out of the surf though in case dropped.

    Was a bit of an adjustment for me as the release button is on the upper right side of the spool housing. Kept pushing the back of the frame. It actually looks a little out of place given the mass and width of the reel and here is this little button sitting up there. Would have preferred a bar. Think it would have been more functional and aesthetically pleasing - for what that is worth.

    My only real knock on the reel is the location of the clicker. When I would go to palm the reel I would often times click it on, or midway. Minor, but a different location would have been better.

    Time will tell how it holds up over time. So far, I am really pleased and impressed with this reel. It costs a lot of $$$ and seems to be on par with similar priced reels for performance and initial quality . Time will tell on the reliability.

    PM or let me know if you have any further questions on this reel.


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