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Product: Kipawa Trolling Motor Propellers

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    Default Kipawa Trolling Motor Propellers

    Product Manufacturer: Eastlake Air Foil
    Kipawa® - Specializing in High-performance propellers designed for electric trolling motors.

    Innovative three blade high-performance propellers designed for electric trolling motors for small watercrafts that afford anglers/boaters a more enjoyable and convenient fishing/boating experience.

    Kipawa propellers are made with nylon and a fiberglass composite for Strength, Durability and Quality.

    The Kipawa Propellers are designed for long range bodies of water, weedless or semi-weedless and weather conditions (windy days). This will give you an advantage over other anglers/boaters.

    The Kipawa high performance weedfree propellers are an enhancement to your electric outboard motor.

    Propellers for Electric Trolling Motors :
    Bass Boats • Canoes • Jon Boats • Buddy Boats • Small Watercrafts

    Qualities and Advantages:
    Improves navigability
    Increases the area of the water covered
    Ability to move the craft in windy conditions
    More distance traveled per battery charge
    Greater power
    Increases speed
    Improves safety
    Provides the ability to hold watercraft steady in currents
    99% weed free

    Kipawa Offers:
    5 propellers that will fit over 150 electric trolling motor models manufactured in the past 30 yrs.
    30 day money back guarantee
    Five Sizes Available
    High-Performance Patented Product

    **** Images shown depict a Kipawa propeller next to a Minn Kota Weedless Wedge 2 for comparison ****
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    Recommended: yes
    Cons: Purportedly increased current draw, some availability issues.
    Pros: Quiet, Improved Torque, Rugged, Smooth
    Generally I don't think the average weekend fisherman would need this propeller but the guy out there casting every day will likely appreciate the extra stealth and power in the wind.

    I run the Kipawas on a 55lb Minn Kota tiller on my kayak and a 48lb Minn Kota foot control on my bassboat. I've compared the prop to the stock Weedless Wedge 2 on both motors... The Kipawa has boo-coup miles on it and the stock Wedge is virtually new. Here's what I've decided:
    • The Kipawa's increased torque is immediately noticable in the motor's responsiveness.
    • This prop is around 40% quieter than the Weedless Wedge.
    • The prop does not vibrate whatsoever where the stock props shake annoyingly.
    • The smaller diameter keeps the prop protected from the bottom by the motor's skeg.
    • The prop is weedless.
    • The quality is outstanding.
    I DID NOT notice any significant increase in speed. In fact, the Kipawa pushes/pulls the boats around 0.10mph slower than the weedless wedge according to GPS. However, the Kipawa's additional torque is evident through responsiveness of the motors in calm water and pure power in the wind. Further, at the slowest speed settings, the boat will move in wind where it took more juice with the stock Weedless Wedge 2.

    The Kipawa is exceptionally quiet and smooth compared to the stock prop, likely due to the 3 blade design. I've been running the props for a while and switched back to the stock props just for the sake of comparison and this review. The Kipawa makes the stock props feel cheap and cruddy.

    As far as weedlessness goes, it's impressive. The hub is conical rather than cylindrical so weeds tend to continue past the mating point. Not once have I had to pull the prop to clear weeds or line.

    For my part I haven't noticed a significant difference in battery life or motor heat between the Kipawa and stock props. But... I've read both good and bad about this prop in this regard - some have complained that the modified pitch increases amp draw and may burn out a motor or controller board. My personal theory is heat and burnout probably would result from running a high performance prop on a low thrust motor. At that, Minn Kota (and probably Motor Guide) has issues with using anything other than the stock prop for warranty purposes - it may void it, I don't know - read your manual, fair warning.

    I gave it an 8 instead of a 10 because they're availability is spotty - they appearently broke one of their molds and this has caused a backorder scenario. Originally I ordered the wrong model for my motor and when I called about it, they were out of stock for the one I needed. However, they communicate very well and sent me one as soon as they could. Customer service was excellent nonetheless.

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