Fuel Flow Meter Single Engine Navman 2100
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Product: Fuel Flow Meter Single Engine Navman 2100

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    Default Fuel Flow Meter Single Engine Navman 2100

    Product Manufacturer: Navman 2100
    Navman's compact dedicated fuel solution for single engine applications.FeaturesInstant fuel flow: 5 to 130 litres/hour, 1.4 to 35 US gallons per hour, or 1.1 to 30 imperial gallons per hour.
    Suitable for carbureted 2- stroke engines from 50-300hp carbureted 4-stroke engines from 90- 300hp. Minimum flow rate 5 litres (1.3 US gallons) per hour.
    Trip and total fuel consumption, user resettable, up to 999 units.
    Designed for single engine applications only.
    Volume remaining in tank (provided that the total tank volume has been entered).
    Alarms: Low fuel alarm.

    Installation Manual:
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    Price Paid: 125
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: fuel sensor has to be mounted in a verticle position to read correctly, otherwise accurate and trouble free unit
    Pros: Simple to use and install, accurate! Allow's you to throw away your analog fuel gauge!
    Easy to use, easy to DIY install, no maintenance required...

    Allows you to adjust gallons on fill up, let's you verify GPH consumption, how many gallons consumed trip and total, adjustable low fuel alarm (great for marking your 1/3 out - 1/3 back - 1/3 for safety fuel margin. Let's you monitor your now status on fuel consumption at the push of a button to fine tune that perfect fuel usage or to find that perfect cruise speed.

    Bottom line, it works, saves you money by accurately letting you know your fuel consumption and the programable low fuel alarm is the perfect reminder for when it's time to head back knowing you have enough fuel. You run out of fuel using this unit... then something is wrong!

    Buy it! it works great!

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