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Product: Ramsey Street Fayetteville NC

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    Default Ramsey Street Fayetteville NC

    Product Manufacturer: AK McCallum's
    These here folks are the "Tackle Monkey"

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    Recommended: yes
    Cons: going in, spending 3 hours and coming out with $300 worth of stuff that will fit in a small sack
    Pros: They have what you need when you have to have it now
    They're not big on customer support or overly friendly... they simply get the job done without going the extra mile. There are no deals or haggling with them either. It is what it is... no more no less.

    You can find better deals online if you look around.. but when you have to have it and have to have it right now... these are your boys!

    Though I tell myself I'm never going there again.... I find myself drawn like a distant bug to the porch light and get zap'd everytime!!!!

    From menhaden oil to crab pots and from boat wiring to fully rig'd Ganoes... these are the guys in the Fayetteville area to hook ya up

    Monday thru Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Saturday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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    Recommended: yes
    Cons: Stores hours aren't conveinent especially if you have to drive across town
    Pros: Plenty of Tackle and Boating gear in stock.
    Dave- hit it on the head. Don't expect to hang out and chat. These guys are all business. They do carry a good selection tackle. I spent a lot money here buying the parts and accessories needed to fix up my little boat and trailer. Currently the best place in Fayetteville for you fishing and boating supplies.

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    Recommended: Yes
    Cons: None
    Pros: Although the "customer service" MIGHT be a little lacking, that will differ from person to person. I do alot of work on boats and go there alot for material. If I have a question about a particular product, they are more than willing to answer your question. They also do not beat around the bush, they are right to the point and if you have a question about something, your question best be the same way, direct. The have everything I need for fiberglass work in 1.5 aisles. Although it isnt a huge store, I dont need to walk around looking for something; I know where it is because they have the store set up intelligently. Prices are not the cheapest, but quality marine products are not cheap and usually I go there if I need it same day or the next day. If they just so happen not to have something I need, they always will order it if need be OR they do not hesitate to recommend another store. This tells me they are supportive of the community as well as the customer.
    As for the price I pay for everything it will vary from $15-$400 depending on what I need for a particular project

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