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Product: cushioned ball mount

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    Default cushioned ball mount

    Product Manufacturer: Convert-A-Ball products
    Acts as a shock absorber

    Protects the towing vehicle's driveline, hitch assembly and trailer contents

    Easy to install

    Proven effective in reducing bounce and rhythmic vibrations

    For use with under frame receiver hitch with a 2" square socket

    Class 4, V-5 Safe!

    These ball mounts feature two heavy-duty polyurethane cushions in the rear retainer to reduce the slams and bangs associated with trailer towing during starting, stopping and rough highways. Reducing these jolts helps to protect your towing vehicle's driveline, hitch assembly and trailer contents. Fits most underframe receiver hitches with 2" square socket. Class V rated for 10,000 lb. maximum gross towing weight and 1,000 lb. tongue weight. 1" diameter ball hole. Made in USA.
    Sizes: 2" drop, 4" drop, 6" drop, 8" drop.
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    Price Paid: 57
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: None, way better than El cheapo Walmart draw bars
    Pros: Class IV and V5 rated, beefy, actually does take the knocks and bumps out!
    One tough ball mount draw bar. My wife was rear-ended at a stop light on Bragg Blvd in Fayetteville with this draw bar in the frame hitch... if it wasnt cushioned the felt impact definately would've been greater I believe. The bar and ball received some scratches, but other than that... no damage whatsoever once they pulled the other car off my truck ball/hitch. So from a safety aspect... I appreciate the feature of this ball mount.

    As for towing the boat, 7K worth of boat on the hook, she performs great and lessens the knocks and bumps when starting/stopping. The neo deals actually do take some of that out.. I was suprised. Using this draw bar does not affect operation of the surge brake system as well, if anything it helps it to not lock up the trailer brakes as quick, but you can still slow the whole rig down in the same amount as with a non-cushioned bar.

    I recommend it, it's been great and I'd definately buy this product again!

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