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    Default 511/OB Navpilot

    Product Manufacturer: Furuno
    The NavPilotTM 511/OB is a revolutionary autopilot designed for use with outboard motors. The operation modes include Auto (Heading control), Advanced Auto utilizing automatic ground tracking control, Auto Work for net towing and NAV mode (Course or Precision Cross Track control) when integrated with navigation sensors.
    The NavPilotTM 511/OB utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, providing the ultimate in course keeping capability. Essential parameters dynamically adjust for vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather, etc. These parameters are stored in system memory and continuously optimized.

    Simple one-touch mode selection provides reliable steering and course control. Multiple customizable display modes include Rudder angle, Heading, Highway, Compass rose, Wind, Nav Info, etc.

    FishHunterTM is a unique feature that forces a vessel to perform Orbit or Figure Eight maneuvers around fish targets when a target is received from a compatible Furuno sounder, sonar, or radar utilizing the TLL feature. Orbit mode is also invoked when a MOB is received from a Nav Receiver.

    Multi-station capability, maximum of six stations, is available through the utilization of a high speed network.

    Display: 3.6" Mono LCD
    Power Use: 12 or 24 VDC

    Standard Features:

    High Performance Compact Display Autopilot System for Outboard Vessels
    Revolutionary "Adaptive" technology continuously improves performance for exact and safe navigation
    Standard "Rate Gyro" PG500R compass sensor (Compass Options include Furuno SC Series Satellite Compass, Gyro, etc.)
    Four Operating Modes:
    AUTO(Fixed Heading Control)
    ADVANCED AUTO(Fixed Ground Tracking Eliminating Effects of Wind, Tides, Swells, or Fishing Operations)
    NAV(Navigation Track Control)
    AUTOWORK(Used For Trolling or Fishing Vessels That May Require Permanent Trim Compensation)
    Large 3.6" (viewable area, 160 x 80 pixels) Silver Bright, Hi-resolution graphics LCD display
    Proportional Rate Rudder Control(w/Reversing Motor Drive Units) or Solenoid Control
    Unique Fishhunter Modes - Execute ORBIT, SPIRAL, & FIG-8 modes directly or remotely from a Furuno TLL capable product
    Precision NAV mode XTE Control (.001 NM)
    Extensive "Quick-Change" user customizable navigation data display modes
    Various Audible and Visual Alarms including user programmable alarm parameters
    "One-Touch" STBY, AUTO, NAV, and DODGE selections
    Tactile rotary knob course/menu selection
    Multiple Station Capability - Mix & Match up to six Navpilot 500 (FAP5001A), 511 (FAP5011A) or 520 (FAP5021A) displays in any combination
    May be configured for various hydraulic or Mechanical Steering Systems
    Basic System Specifications and Contents:

    FAP5001 Waterproof control unit with 10 meter pigtail interface/power cable, white weather cover, and standard flush-mount hardware(Control Unit Mounting Brackets Optional)
    FAP5002 Universal Processor Unit/Junction Box:
    Controls Reversible Drive Units or Solenoid activated steering systems drawing up to 50 amps (25 amps continuous)
    Two software selectable/nameable NMEA0183 NAV Data input ports and two fully programmable NMEA0183 output ports; additionally, one shared RS232 NMEA0183 I/O port is included
    Extra Large Wire Compression Terminals for Power/Motor Connections and "Pluggable" wire compression connections for Navpilot sensors and I/O ports
    FAPAR4102 Waterproof Linear Rudder Reference Unit with Outboard Mounting Brackets
    FAPAR4102 is designed specifically for the Teleflex HC5345 8" Hydraulic Steering Cylinder
    FAPAR4102 features a magnetic sensing design that has no moving parts and is immune to EMI from Fuel Injected Outboards.
    FAPAR4102 installs in a protected location behind the HC5345 Cylinder making it much less susceptible to damage from outboard engine raise/lower and fishing operations
    PG500R "Rate Gyro" compass sensor with LED Status Indicators and 10 Meter pigtail interface/power cable
    PG500R includes one dedicated 6-pin Furuno AD10 protocal 25mS Data Port and one dedicated 6-pin NMEA0183 (0183HS Selectable) Data Port for Heading data distribution to radar, sonar, AIS, etc...(Both Output Ports feature robust RS485 Drivers that may be paralleled to three devices each)
    PG500R includes 10 Meter 6 pin-to-6 pin AD10/NMEA0183 Heading Cable for interfacing Furuno 17/18/19xx series Radar displays
    Full Control of PG500R is performed through Navpilot Display

    Furuno Hydraulic Drive Units and Voltage/Sizing information are located on the Accessories page
    Navpilot Systems may be retrofitted to any existing 12V/24V DC Reversing or Solenoid Drive Unit provided that the current limitations are observed
    Various handheld and fixed mount remote control units are found on the Accessories page
    Power Requirements

    12 or 24 VDC
    7 Watts - 1 control head (excluding pump)
    36 Watts - 6 control heads (excluding pump)
    If the boat has a single Verado engine, there is no tie bar available. In this case, you must use the Verado Feedback Kit MER-VER-AD2 and VER-LNK-BKT Verado Bracket.
    If the boat has dual Verado’s with new style tie bar with holes drilled to fit their magnet, you must use the Mercury Feedback Kit MER-VER-AD2.
    The boat has dual Verado’s with old style tie bar, you must use the Verado Feedback Kit MER-VDR-AD2 and VER-LNK-BKT Verado Bracket.
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    Price Paid: 2585
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: None
    Pros: Ease of use and network integration
    I purchased a complete Furuno networked system for my Triumph 215 Chaos. The Navpilot was an extravagant addition to the Radar, GPS, FishFinder and VHF package, but the option of fishing alone on occassion and being able to work and set lines while the Navpilot holds a course or orbits around a wreck or bottom structure, was just too tempting to resist. The $2585 price included the 511/OB (out board) Navpilot and the HRP10-12 Pump assembly. I also purchased the Furuno PG500R Heading Sensor for the system at an additional cost of $589.00.

    I've only used it once so far but I am very pleased with the result and couldn't be happier with the package. Furuno gear is not cheap but the quality is well known.

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