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    Product Manufacturer: LiquidLogic
    Liquidlogic is proud to introduce our first sit-on-top design, the Manta Ray, a coastal companion to the highly successful Stingray introduced in 2005. The Manta Ray was designed to be the perfect platform for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as playing in the surf. It is easy to paddle, tracks well, and offers exceptional maneuverability. The rockered hull rides gracefully up and over waves. Plus, we added volume in the bow to accommodate a full-size dry hatch. This added bow volume also delivers a drier ride than you would expect from most sit-on-tops. The Manta Ray is equally at home on freshwater lakes and easy rivers.
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    Price Paid: 725
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: Factory paddle-straps could use some help
    Pros: Paddles fine, easy to cartop single-handed
    I've had my 12' Manta (yellow) for a year now. I've enjoyed every outing. It's not tippy at all -- never even threatened to dump me. I've never tried standing, but I sit sidesaddle frequently. I've never been disappointed in the boat's speed, tracking, or range.

    It's easy to equip -- from a milk crate, to rod holders, to a fishfinder, I've done a lot to it. I even replaced the factory paddle straps -- mine had little bungee loops wrapped around the handles... I replaced them with fabric straps screwed under the handles. I need to upload another picture of that project sometime...

    Before I added the FF, mine weighed 57 lbs even. It's perfectly doable to lift the thing over my head to put on the roof of my Saturn.. not trivially easy, but doable.

    LiquidLogic has been merged into Legacy Paddlesports, whose manufacturing is in the Greensboro area. Last I heard, LiquidLogic's customer support was still being handled by the LL offices in Flat Rock NC. There are rumors of some changes to the branding, but they're usually accompanied by assurances that the boat will continue at least under some name or another, associated with one or another of Legacy's brands. We're all waiting to see at this point -- from what I read on some other yak-fishing forums, it's raising questions, but does not seem to be slowing acceptance of the boat.

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