Product Manufacturer: Shakespeare
My wife picked one up for me from WalMart
(where I beleive they are sold exclusively) last week. It is an 8.6 ft Med action rated for 8-20lb line. I had a Quantuum QSS 4W baitrunner spinner laying around so I stuck it on there to try it out w/20lb PowerPro. Even with a "less expensive" reel this thing is great! Cast a country mile and has just enough whip in it to give you the "give" you need with braid. I could feel the action of my Storm Wildeyez Shad pretty well and the chug of a deep crankbait was very obvious. Can't wait to try it with my Sedona 4000, or my Sahara 2500 Shimanos.
Admittedly, I don't pay alot for most rods and generally use lower end Shimano rods, Penn Pursuits and Berkleys so at $62 this is kinda "High end" for me.
I think the length will make a nice "Plugging" rod for the piers too! Not as heavy as you would expect from an Ugly Stik either. Great live bait rod too I would think.