EconoScale lip gripper (EC25BP)
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Product: EconoScale lip gripper (EC25BP)

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    Default EconoScale lip gripper (EC25BP)

    Product Manufacturer: Evolution Products, Inc.
    An economically priced (currently $19.99) lip-gripper with built-in 25lb spring scale.

    Complete product line here:
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    Price Paid: 19.99
    Recommended: yes
    Cons: doesn't float
    Pros: cheap (inexpensive); built-in spring scale; saltwater resistant materials
    This is an initial review -- I will revisit and adjust my comments if needed after I put more miles on this product. But initially i'm very impressed with the device, especially the price; it has performed well with limited testing. I noticed some reviewers elsewhere complained that the spring scale is inaccurate, but so far it's been acceptable. I recently caught a largemouth bass that was 22in L with a 14in girth. A typical formula to calculate LMB weight (GxGxL/800) indicated a weight of 5.39lbs. The EconoScale indicated a weight of almost exactly 5lbs -- close enough for my purposes, although I'm confident this would not meet IGFA criteria.

    I have used a plastic lip-gripper (Fish Grip review here) for a couple of years, and have been generally pleased with it. My main complaint with it is that fish can be difficult to grip with it, and have lost a few fish as I struggled to lock the jaws of the plastic grip on the fish's lip while it was struggling against the side of my kayak. The EconoScale gripper has narrow metal jaws that have allowed me (so far) to more quickly and efficiently grab fish at the side of the boat.

    One big advantage of the plastic fish grip device is that it holds up with abuse--and it floats. First thing I did with the EconoScale was to attach a foam float to prevent dropping it overboard. Only time will tell how well the metal holds up to saltwater.

    But so far, I'm delighted to have an inexpensive lip-gripper that seems to work better at securing fish than my plastic fish grip, and with a reasonably accurate spring scale to boot.


    UPDATE: 5/5/2009

    Issue: over time, a crucial pin that allows the spring scale to operate properly worked loose on the unit. i tried to tap it back in to place, but so far it always works loose. without pin, unit still works fine as a lip-gripper, but not as well as a scale. i reported the problem today to Evolution Products, Inc. (, and received a voicemail this afternoon that a new unit is on the way. so A+ for service! hopefully there was just a bad batch of units in which this pin was not seated or riveted in to place properly. will report back after i've used the new unit for a while.

    Issue: spring scale is accurate at ca. 10lbs -- tested it with a weight at 5lbs, it weighs a bit light -- scale indicate just over 4lbs. but that's close enough for me.

    UPDATE: 5/8/2009: received new unit in the mail -- wonderful customer service!

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