Dicks Sporting Goods, Southpark Mall, Charlotte
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Product: Dicks Sporting Goods, Southpark Mall, Charlotte

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    Default Dicks Sporting Goods, Southpark Mall, Charlotte

    Price Paid: $5
    Recommended: No
    Cons: Worst customer service ive ever had or seen
    Pros: near my home
    I went to dicks sporting goods at southpark about 2 weeks ago. they almost refused to give me a license and had the worst attitude ive ever seen in any employee. their customer service has really gone to pot in the past 2 years. it was so bad i felt weird being there and wanting to just drop everything and leave. there was a guy ( didn't look at his name tag) doing inventory on the hunting fishing license computer and was having some troubles( have seen him before so it wasn't like he was new) and when i went to ask for a license he acted like i asked for him to redo all the work he had done. i mean you can change your mood for 20 seconds to talk to a customer. then he got this girl to come get me a license and she had a terrible attitude. she made it much harder than it had to for which type i wanted. i told her what type that it said on there and she acted like she had to figure it out for me and ask me multiple times which one i wanted. i will still go there but if it happens again i probably wont talk to her manager.i wouldn't want to make them loose there job especially not during these times.( didn't look at her name tag either). it took way to long and i was in a hurry.
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    You can get your NC fishing license online, save the gas and the bad service. I don't think they make much of anything from us buying a license but either way you didn't deserve the treatment that you received. Being in customer service most of my life, those people should find another occupation, customers are why they have a job.
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