Show us your fishing kayak setup
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Thread: Show us your fishing kayak setup

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    Default Show us your fishing kayak setup

    A member suggested a "sticky" thread in the Kayak Fishing forum where members can show photos of their kayak setup with descriptions of how they set it up and why. If you use it for specific species of fish and change things up for others please include that too. Information on fish finders, paddles, bait tanks, rod holders, etc. will be interesting and helpful to others. So if you own a fishing kayak show it off here!

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    I recently bought a new kayak for my seat. Thanks to recommendations from Stew Rat and a Jackson Kayak representative , Mark Wheeler, I purchased a Jackson CUDA. This being my first new kayak, I wanted to get the best kayak for where I fish. I have been fishing at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Rudee. I still love the freshwater too. In my humble and honest opinion, the Cuda is the F/A18 of fishing kayaks. Stable and fast enough to stand up and fish and handle the 3 knot current around the CBBT. Not at the same time of course, well not yet anyway. I haven't modified it at all as it comes ready right off the shelf. But I may add a forward rod holder and other things later after more trips. My behind is what drew me to the Cuda. The seat on my Tarpon was really hurting me. So this is my new kayak and I highly recommend it. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, I have been getting my behind in the brine.

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