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    Default Trying to defeat Mine Craft

    Lately the kids have become Minecraft freaks and today I managed to get one of them out on the water away from the computer. The tide was super high so we had to pitch our baits up into the grass to get bit. Thanks to Power Pro we scored a pair of 29 inch drum and one at 20 inches. My partner got tired so I dropped him off, changed locations and caught 2 hand sized flounder and a rat red on plastics while searching for specks. Bait of the day was fresh mutilated finger mullet. If things go well we will hit it again tomorrow!
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    looks like a great day with your kids! from what i understand minecraft is very addicting, good to keep em active even if they'd rather build all day on the computer

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    I have Minecrack on my phone, and I have spent many hours playing it. But any day for a chance of fishing and I would be like "Mine what"? Fishing beats out Minecraft any day. And my kids feel the same. They love to go fishing. The two oldest have Minecraft on their nook colors.
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    A good fishing day.... But to comment on the minecraft

    My 13 year old is totally addicted to minecraft. He keeps installing it on his school laptop and playing it during class. Because he couldn't restrict his usage to a few hours per week (and not during school time), we have forbidden minecraft in our house.

    Whatever we tried, though, he kept finding ways to sneak it. He installed it on his phone, and his kindle fire, on the main home PC, and on his brothers laptop. Each time we found it, we had a discussion and thought we got through to him. To combat it, we have had to password protect all home PC's and Iphones, take away his Ipod touch and kindle fire, and get the school district to change the security protection on a folder blocking minecraft access. He has NO access to the internet at all because of his addiction.

    It's truly an addiction. He lies and sneaks to play it or access forums about it. He even stole the password to my paypal account to buy a license (got that reversed!). It's totally destroyed any trust we had in him, and it's causing problems in the family.

    I don't know what else to do about it. Worst thing I've ever encountered. Keep your kids away from it at all costs.
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    Video games are not bad. Time management is the key. As long as your grades/job/social life are not being comprimised then your good to go.

    Anything, including fishing, hunting, working out, golf, etc, can by addicting and harmful if you do it to much. Its all about moderation.

    Video games are what led me to an interest in computers and science, which led me to a degree in electrical engineering. And yes, I am still addicted to video games

    back on topic,

    Great fish! and good times on the water with family

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    im 14 and i hate video games. never played them. fishing is like a drug and im happy to be addicted to it,the challenge and the adrenaline is what fishing is all about

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