I was perusing Amazon looking to replace my broken 4wt 8'6" redington classic trout rod that I lost the warranty slip for (great rod btw) for a low cost because my money is tight.

I came across this 4pc 4wt 9' fly rod starter package offered by Wild Water that costed 114 dollars! It comes with a rod and reel case, rod sack,weight forward fly line and backing and a fly box with 6 parachute adams, 6 hares ear nymphs, and this other dry fly that i cannot remember the name of.

I sat on it for awhile, looked for reviews and didnt find many but the ones I read gave it high marks so I purchased it.

I received the package 4 days after I ordered it securely and neatly packaged. I immediately noticed a little bonus that I dont recal being included in the product description and that was two tapered 5x leaders AND 25m roll of 5x tippet. That was awesome, and in addition to the leader that is already attached to the fly line! The rod is pretty nice for a 114 dollar outfit, the cork was pretty good and the weight of the outfit was pretty light. I assembled the rod and ran outside to cast it, it felt really good and the action is actually fairly slow which I dont think was advertised (keep in mind im not the most experienced caster!). It took me a while to get used to it but i started to understand why so many anglers like the feel of a slow rod, cant wait to put a bend in this rod!

I also performed some of the best roll casts ive ever tried out in a yard, even with it not being a dual taper line and it felt effortless, the rod was really doing all of the work. I think i stayed out there castnig for about 45 minutes because it was so much fun. You also get 10 bucks off your next purchase.

The warranty is lifetime repair or replacement for 35 dollar fee as long as it is the original owner. They also offer some amazing fly assortments that I would have purchased but it was a little out of my price range. For 86 bucks you get an assortment of 120 dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, and streamers...DEBARBED...and not one but TWO aluminum fly boxes, one large, one small...the kind with the window compartments for dry flies. I am going to order them when i get paid this week for sure with my ten dollar off coupon. The flies that came with the package I received look well-tied, hooks sharp, and balanced.

I would encourage any budget minded angler looking for a solid outfit to check them out. The prices are cheap because the owner sells all the items himself he doesnt use distributors or multiple locations. It would be cool if he could maintain such a business model. They offer rods from 3wt to 9wt both starter outfits and higher end models and multiple lengths, i chose the 9 footers because i mostly drift nymphs and roll cast even in warmwater. I am definitely pleased with what I have seen from this company and will definitely be a repeat customer.