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    I have been fortunate to hit some DH streams lately. The stockers provide some fun after being beat up by the bluelines, but they do get pretty picky after a few weeks. I am not getting quantity but the last two trips have produced two of the biggest trout I have ever caught. The key for me has been mixing it up and throwing lots of nymphs at them. I have not had much luck with double nymph rigs and caught most of the fish with just a single nymph. San juan worms have worked best. What is working for you guys?

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    My biggest fish ever!

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    not exactly a DH steam, but I fished the Raven Fork on the reservation this past week. Fished either side of the Trophy Section...I didn't catch a lot of fish, but did land my biggest fish to date. A pretty large Brown. It was on a pink San Juan under and indicator in pretty fast water. I stopped at one of the foot bridges over the trophy section, and saw a guy net a huge fish caught on a streamer. They said they had been killing them with eggs. Made me wish I had paid the extra $20.

    I fished the Tuck DH Sunday for a bit and couldn't get fish to hit anything I was throwing, including, San Juan's, eggs, midges, parachute Adams, etc...there were cream midges hatching and fish were rising.

    I switched to a yellow stimulator of some sort with a pheasant tail of sorts dropper, and immediately caught 3-4 fish. Missed a few more. A few in the stimulator, and a few on the dropper.

    Im still learning. To say the least.

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