Sonar- basic principles and interpretation
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Product: Sonar- basic principles and interpretation

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    Default Sonar- basic principles and interpretation

    I've seen several posts on fish finders lately. Especially a good topic for this time of year. Of course there is a huge range of equipment from low end to high end plus nowadays DSI and side view but they all work on the same basic principle.
    To "get" sonar there are a few main things you need to understand to begin with then you can get into the finer points and variables- they are all connected to what you see and how you interpret it.
    Main points are power of the unit, frequency being used, shape of the cone, boat speed and the exactly how you have various settings applied on the unit- such as sensitivity, ping speed and grayscale.
    Hopefully this thread and link will help and discuss some of the principles of sonar in general and help folks learn to interpret what they see.
    -and catch more fish!
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    "This does not mean the suspended fish was 16 feet deep. Only that at the closest point it was 16 feet from the transducer, while the boat was in 31 feet of water."
    great read, i am guilty of saying a fish was suspended at a certain depth many times. Never occured to me that the return simply meant that there was a fish X distance from the transducer at some point
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