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    Product Manufacturer: Lews
    Price paid $159.99
    Recommend Very high
    Pros lightweight, very smooth, very good casting distance

    Specs 7.2 ounces 6:4:1 ratio 9+1 bb 160 yards of 12lb 28" IPT

    I just got this reel yesterday and got to cast it today and all I can say is WOW. I really wish I wouldnt've spent money on cheaper baitcasters and went straight to this one. I spooled it with Suffix Tritanium Plus 14 pound chartreuse diam 0.014" and paired it with a BPS crankin stick 6 foot 6 medium lite fast action. I casted it in my backyard a little bit ago with a 1 ounce (maybe) bullet weight and boy does that thing fly. With a medium flick of my wrist it easily went the whole length of my backyard (around 100-125 feet) with no problem and each time I had to stop it with my thumb to keep it from going into my neighbors yard. There is no telling how far you could cast a medium size crankbait and how much extra depth you are going to get with how far this thing casts. I would not recommend this for a beginner though. I have been throwing baitcasters for about 6 years (im 14 almost 15) and you need a moderately trained thumb. If a beginner would wip it reel hard without having the centrifugal brakes and the knob on the right set right they would have the worst backlash of their life lol. Dont get me wrong its not hard to throw but you need to have your thumb over the spool and your eye on lure the whole time. Moving on, I cant believe how lite and smooth this reel is. Its 7.2 ounces and has 10 bb. You can give the handle a good flick and itll spend a good 10 times before stopping and when your reeling you dont have any resistance at all. A couple other things I like is the infinite anti reverse and the oil port. I like the infinite anti reverse because its a lot better than mutli stop anti reverse. Instead of the handle moving back a little bit to catch in the slot it stops right where it is, this will help with hooking power a lot. Lastly the oil port. This may not interest yall but I like it. I like how its on the bottom of the gear box ( I think thats what you call it) and all you have to do is take a screw driver and unscrew the screw to the oil port door for quick access and you dont have to take your whole reel apart to lube it. If any of yall are looking for a high quality baitcaster buy this one. Dont hold me to it but I have read some reviews where people said it was better than a $400 reel and I believe it is highly possible.
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