Looking for Aluminum Rod Holder
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Ad: Looking for Aluminum Rod Holder

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    Default Looking for Aluminum Rod Holder

    Moderator - Tried to put this in classified section but wanted prices and shipping charges. Please move if appropriate.

    Looking for an aluminum rod holder that will hold 4 to 6 rods. The type I am looking for would mount on the transom of a boat or perhaps on a leaning post. Basically a long u shaped piece of tubing with flanges at each end and rocket launcher style rod holders. I prefer one that is adjustable or that has about 30 degrees of angle. I know TACO makes such a device however they want a screaming fortune for a new one. If someone has one to sell or can point me in the direction of one please let me know.

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    Default Looking for Aluminum Rod Holder

    Moved it for you....

    If you ever make it to the Carteret County area I know a guy that can build you one and probably save some money. It would only be cost effective if you were here. Let me know and I'll pm you his number.
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    My guess is that he tried to post via tapatalk... It doesn't support those functions for classifieds.
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