Lew's Speed Spool, Tx Speed Spool, Laser MG & Speed Spin
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Product: Lew's Speed Spool, Tx Speed Spool, Laser MG & Speed Spin

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    Default Lew's Speed Spool, Tx Speed Spool, Laser MG & Speed Spin

    Product Manufacturer: Lew's
    A quick review of the Lew's line of reels:

    I currently have 4 Speed Spools($99.99), 1 Tournament Speed Spool($149.99), 1 Laser MG($79.99) and a Speed Spin. As I was initially getting into using baitcasters I thought "The more expensive, the better." Unfortunately, my budget kept from testing the full truth of that. I initially started with a Shimano Citica ($119.99) and thought it was pretty good. After trying a friend's Lew's, I was hooked. For the price point, you can't beat the Speed Spool (I use the 6.4:1). To test the "more expensive" philosophy while knowing I enjoyed Lew's, I bought the Tournament Speed Spool. Amazingly smooth but, as a regular bank fisherman, casting distance is important and the $99.99 reel outperforms the $149.99 in this category which outweighs the smoothness for me. As I tested the theory further, I tried their Laser MG this past week and it meets my casting expectations but, as the price leads you to believe, it's the least smooth. I still highly recommend the Laser MG, particularly if you're new to baitcasters and looking for the right price for a good reel. The quality doesn't stop with their baitcasters as the smoothness transfers to their spinning reels as well and for their Speed Spin 300A at $49.99, that includes a braid spool, you will get your money's worth too. Overall Value Ranking: 1. Speed Spool 2. Laser MG 3. Tx Speed Spool

    Just did a little homework on the weights: Speed Spool 7.6oz., Laser MG 7.2oz and Tournament Speed Spool is 7.9oz.

    They do have the Tournament Pro that weighs 6.7-6.9oz. MSRP for $199.99 and the Team Lew's Pro that weighs 5.9 oz. MSRP $299.99.

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    Price Paid: 130
    Recommended: Yes
    Cons: None
    Pros: Light, smooth, few backlashes
    My .02...

    If fishing from a boat all day, the tournament reel that weighs 6.5 oz is the better buy, and can be had close to half retail on eBay, but the speed spool is a great all around reel that isnt terribly heavy, and they do cast a mile. Both are super smooth, and right now I have the tx above the revo sx by a small margin for my favorite reel.
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    I need abouta tree fitty...

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