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    Hit the south inshore side of topsail yesterday on yak. beautiful day for this time of year and very warm. was hoping to get some good fishing in before the cold front but appears the past few days of warm air might have affected spec bite. The water was very comfortable with tevas and quick dry pants. Did not even bother to put on waders so knew going in that might have negative effect on spec bite and within few hours got my answer. Switched over to 1/4oz jigs with new penny gulp shrimp and live mud minnows. No keepers for the day but landed five 14 inch flounder, some sea bass on live pinfish c-rig (gave me great pleasure as they were stealing bait), and some pomps near inlet. Saw lots of boats fishing for specs but did not see any pulled in.

    still, fun day to be on water. 75 degrees in mid november was great even if there were no fish in cooler going home.
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    Thanks for the report. I had a buddy go out last weekend to. He said he couldn't keep the needlefish off his line. He had a heck of a time unhooking them to. Many times he said they'd bend into a circle and bite their tail. Weird.

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