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    Today should have been more productive. The weather was not terribly hostile with bluebird sky and stiff winds. This particular river has right many rainbows but for some reason they were not agreeable.

    Weapons of warfare were a 7 wt, 8 wt, and a 3 wt. Yes I use an 8 for throwing meat. Did the egg and pt thing intermittently but this combo yielded squat. All of these were caught on a large WB except for the bow. 5 hours were spent on the water and only landed 4 but lost a couple.

    This stream is classified as general(NC). 2900' alt keeps the water cool thus there are many holdovers and streambreds. Most of the streambreds are bows.

    All the banks are private property. Ain't gonna trudge the river twice. Headed a mile or two downstream to commence wading.

    First dink of the day

    This one put a little bend in the rod. This one was about 16-17 inches in length.

    Typical pool on this river. I should have been able to pull a brown or two out of this pool.

    This poor little fella chomped on a #2 articulated Zoo Cougar. What a rude awakening.

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    Nice Browns, you can tell by those fins that they are stream bred. Good to see good growing stream breds in the hills. Thats good stuff.

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