Product Manufacturer: TFO
I post this because I have been seeing a lot of questions/recommendations for rod setups. I have been using (I fish at least 2 times a week) TFO rods exclusively for about 4+ years and I highly recommend them for both their quality and the companies backing of their product. Like I stated earlier these rods at times, like now with the hot trout bite, see daily use and they receive a lot of abuse with young kids and a lot of new and unexperienced fisherman I get to take out fishing with my job, and they withstand that abuse unlike many other rods I have used. The rods preform as good or better than the high dollar-high end brands and only cost a fraction of the price. I have been completely satisfied with all the differ model TFO rods I have used and even more satisfied with their customer service department for the rods that have need repairs, (letís not kid ourselves if you truly use your rods youíre going to have an occasional tip break, etc...). They even where willing to repair a rod that had broken from playing with a Bull Red, which I had cut below the break and then made into a boot horn for my snake boots) lost a great boot horn but will be getting back a great rod. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or go to their website at