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    My wife and I decided on a last minute trip to Maggie Valley on Thursday, despite what the weatherman was calling for. Glad we didn't listen cause it rained for half the morning on Friday and was beautiful the rest of the time. We only stayed from Thursday til Saturday so it was more of a relaxation trip than our usual 6 days of non-stop.

    My wife was perfectly content reading a book by the stream, so I got to test out my new frog togg waders and korkers boots and attempt to catch a fish as well. My inability to change out the soles on my boots (if you're thinking about korkers, make sure your grip strength is on point cause it's tough the first couple times changing soles) kept me from doing much my first day. Had the rubber bottoms on and my first step out resulted in a pair of very sore butt cheeks and one gashed elbow. Of course this happened in front of 25 other people sitting creek side. Despite that, did manage to catch my first fish of the trip, and what I believe was my first brown trout.

    Lost 6 or 7 more the first day. All hit in the same pool. I've never fished in the spring time, but the bite is much more subtle than in summer or fall, at least that was my experience this trip.

    Day 2 started out with rain, so we did some sightseeing early, but it was all clear by lunch so fishing and book reading was on the menu for the wife and I the rest of the day. Thanks to a few handy YouTube videos, I was able to change into my felt bottoms on my korkers, so I really got to get out and hike the stream without having to worry about busting my backside. I pretty much fished the entire top quarter of Maggie Valley. Really didn't expect much because the rain had the water muddy and moving fast. Took a while to get things dialed in, but a stonefly nymph above a flashy #18 nymph of some sort was the ticket. I caught a couple of nice sized fish on the stonefly, including my biggest trout yet, a definite bruiser of a brown, and I caught several beautiful little rainbows with the micro nymph. Not my best day number wise, but easily one of the most fun.

    Sunday was bright and beautiful, but only managed a couple of takes and no landed fish in the hour I spent on the water. So we did a little more sightseeing and headed back down the mountain. It was a great quick trip, with some much needed down time and a little fishing on the side.

    If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." - Doug Larson

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    Great job! I was kicking myself all weekend for forgetting to pack my fly rod. Way to put the work in and reap the rewards!
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    Brown trout for sure
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    Nice work finding some trout!! That last brown must have been a great fight on the flyrod... Thanks for the report on what flies were working..

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