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Rather than a tutorial, this article is intended to be a guide to help new members discover all the feature-rich resources on this site. It is also not a comprehensive guide but rather a starting point to help you become familiar with many of the areas on the site.

The bulk of is made from a collection of useful information ranging from pictures, facts, expert tips, articles, fishing reports and other sources to help you enjoy your fishing experience in NC waters from the mountains to the coast. Names in italics in the sections below represent selectable menu items.



This is probably our most popular and used feature on the site. The forums are a group of topic related electronic bulletin boards where members can share information, discuss fishing and boating topics, and get to know each other. Information is grouped within each forum in threads and each thread is made of posts or replies.

You can use the Forums or the Forums Jump links on the menu bar near the top of the page to navigate to the forum areas. There is also a quick view list of the last 10-12 posts on the right side column on the main page. A popular way to view a list of posts made since your last visit is to use the New Posts menu bar item.

We recommend that every new user, once registered, post an introductory post in the Meet and Greet forum. Include a little about yourself, what areas you fish most, what type fish you enjoy catching, etc. This will help us get to know you and allow us to welcome you to the site.

When in the forums, be sure to use the Search feature to bring up previous threads on a particular subject. You are likely to find a treasure trove of information on any given subject. If not, post a question in a related forum by starting a new thread and then check back later for responses.

Be sure to read our family-friendly policy under heading Our Anglers Code in the lower left section of the main page and the Website Guidelines found under the Info link in the menu bar. We appreciate your co-operation in regards to helping keep this a great place for anglers of all ages and backgrounds.


Blog Awards

We use the Blog section to highlight forum posts made by our members that include a fishing report or catch with a photograph. We try to look at all the posts made on our site and choose the best photo and report on any given day, to which we assign our Blog Award and move the forum post to the front page. If you see a fishing photo and report worth featuring please let us know the link by clicking on the "report post button" or by sending us a Private Message. Send to NCangler or one of our moderators. All of the blogs and their entries can be accessed from the Blog Awards selection on the menu bar at the top of the page.



This popular feature is a great place to post your pictures of that prize catch or your boat, new piece of gear or you and friends enjoying an outing together. On our main page is a section called Featured Fishing PhotosÓ with four randomly selected pictures displayed on each visit to the home page. Click on the picture to view it in larger format.

To get to the photo section, select Photos from the menu bar. Here you have access to all the pictures from other users plus you can upload your own digital picture. The interface is easy and automatically resizes yours to conform to our file size limitations. Once your upload is completed and you view the picture, there is a window below the picture with a link to the picture. You can copy and paste that link into a post in forums and the picture will display automatically in your post.



We thought it would be great to have a section of the website where members could post links to their Youtube fishing videos or fishing videos they have found that they want to share with others.

To get to the photo section, select Videos from the menu bar. If you want to share your fishing videos with the membership post them here. If you'd like to share additional information about your fishing trip or offer tips, etc. then you can copy the URL link code provided on the video page where you post your video and promote it in the appropriate fishing forum.



Much like a newspaper's classified section, here you will find items for sale by our members. You are invited to list your personal items for sale here too. The listing is free but is limited to items that you OWN and can not be used for business purposes.

Like review and photos there is a section on our main page with randomly selected classified ads. The full classified section can be access through the menu bar item labeled Classifieds.



This section contains product and service reviews from our members. It is a great place to read up on other folk's experience with a particular product or service before you buy. Our main page has a section in the middle that displays four randomly selected product reviews. The entire section can be found by clicking on the menu bar item, Reviews.

The reviews are listed by category. Each review contains two sections. The first section contains the basic product information; often it is the manufacture's wording that is copied here. The second section contains individual reviews on that product from our members. We encourage you to post reviews on any of the listed products you have experience using. We also invite you to list products that have not been previously listed (or contact a moderator for assistance) and then write a review.



(Not all menu items are reviewed below) This menu bar item has a drop down menu with a number of helpful items.

Fishing Reports will take you directly to the fishing report forums. Bite times is a custom Solunar table based on user selectable location and dates. The resulting table will list the major and minor bite times for each date selected as well as information on the moon and sun positions.

Fly Ties is database of flies that our users have displayed and include material types, pattern info and other useful information on these ties. We invite you to upload your hand tied flies as well.

Fish Facts is a powerful tool that is useful for identifying a particular fish. Many of the listed species also have information on size, habitat, lures and baits to use and other useful information.

The Recipes section is a great place to find some favorite recipes from our members to use in preparing your catch for the table. And we hope you'll share some of yours!

Articles This section contains powerful information in the form of feature articles written by experts in their field. They are grouped by categories and can be viewed by selecting the Articles item from the menu bar. Members cannot post new articles but can reply to existing ones using the now familiar post replyÓ box below the main article.

If you have an article you wish to submit for consideration, please contact the site Administrator, NCAngler. Please bear in mind, articles are often protected by copyright laws and can only be published here or copied and used elsewhere with the permission of the original author or the author's agent.



Here you will find the site guidelines as well as some information about our Sponsors, user groups and members.


What's New

Use this link to see what forum posts have been made since you last viewed the forums.



While this guide is not a complete listing of the site's features, we hope you found it useful in getting started in your discovery and participation here at! Welcome aboard!

Wishing you Tight Lines from the web team!