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Recipe: Homemade Mac and Cheese

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    Homemade Mac and Cheese

    I know I know...WHAT!!!!
    But some people may eat something other than fish.

    So that being said I hope you enjoy how I love my Mac and Cheese.

    I make quite a bit because I have a large family.


    1 box of raw Mac Noodles ( located with the raw speggetti noodle) I like the over size noodles.

    1 glass jar of cheese whiz

    A little sugar. In a large pot ( potatoe Pot) I might add about a table spoon. add alittle at a time untill you find the way you like it.

    Cup of milk

    2 Table spoons of Butter( I use can't belive it not butter)

    Boil the noodles, when they are done strain the water, add the entire jar of cheese, or partial for smaller meal, add the milk, butter. and mix

    Thats it, I hope you like it. If there is another cookout someday I'll make some so everyone can try it. I love it

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    Thats a good one Rob - easy to remember and easy to doctor to individual tastes. Being a highbrow mac&cheese man myself, I like mine baked so that its crispy on top. Love to scrape the burnt stuff off the sides of the pan!

    I was thinking along the same lines as Gery - man cannot live on fish alone, we all need some of the other food groups too, like yellow and green...

    Also I like a thickener - eggs, ricotta and/or cottage cheese. Or something really thick like cubed ham to make it a meal of its own.

    I feel dinner coming on...

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    And then again some people eat mac & Cheese with fish. Thanks for sharing.

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