I made this dish while on a fishing trip to Jordan Lake last Feb. I'll apologize ahead of time because I dont measure ingreadience and I'm bad at spelling.

  • Cleaned and de-skined crappie fillets (As many as you want)
  • Sliced onions 1/4" thick (One onion per 4 fillets)
  • Heavy duty tin foil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fire pit with a grill top
Note: If your camp dosen't have one of those niftey drop down gill platforms, you can use a gill top that you pick up at any place that sells grills. Just prop it up between two rocks, THAT ARE DRY!!, to keep it off the fire. Of course a grill with work fine as well.
  1. The first step is laying out the tin foil on a flat surface. Ensure that you do not tear the tin foil. Cut off a piece that is double the width of the foil. You'll be folding it in half to create a package
  2. Next layer the sliced onions on one half of the tin foil so that the tin foil dose not show. The onions not ony help preven the filets fron sticking to the tinfoil but also give a delicious flaver to the fish. Leave enough room around the edges of the foil to allow you to roll the sides to seal the package.
  3. Dribble the Olive Oil over the onions
  4. Salt and Pepper the Fillets to taste
  5. Lay the filliets ontop of the onions. I sugest to limit it to four fillets per package in order to make the package managable
  6. Layer the rest of the sliced onions ontop of the fillets and dribble some more olive oil on them.
  7. Fold the Loose half of the foil over and roll the exosed sides to seal the bag.
  8. Place ontop of the grill over a medium heat fire (flames shouldn't be "licking" the foil.
  9. Leave the bag over the fire for about 8-10 minutes, flip the bag over and let it set for another 8-10 minutes
I know it sounds like a long time over the flame but realy you're only cooking the onions. The steam from the cooking onions inturn cooks the fish. Throw some Yukon Gold potatos wraped in foil on the coles before you start and by the time the fish is done, your have a deliciouse meal on your hands.
This dish is great for camping, I know that it went over great with my buddies. Dont throw out the uneaten cooked fillets, you can use them to make fish patties for breakfast in the morning as I did.