Got quite a few requests for my fish cake recipe so figured I'd share. I don't really use a recipe so it ain't easy for me to put this down in writing, but here goes.
Can't give exact portions, I'll just give the method and some of my favorite ingredients. This is really easy and after a batch or two it's easy to get a feel for.

*Fish fillets. Don't matter what kind.
*Ritz Crackers, Saltines, breadcrumbs, day old cornbread, etc - how much depends on the flavor of the fish and how many fillets you have to feed how many people
*well beaten egg(s)
* a little mustard(I use Dijon)
*a little salt & pepper

That's enough to make the basic cakes
I like to add some other stuff to flavor it up
You can add any combination of the following and/or a plethora of others
*very fine diced onions, fresh peppers(sweet or hot), celery, fresh garlic, dill pickles
*Also whole capers, pimientos, fresh or dried dill weed, oregano, black pepper, cajun, creole or blackened seasoning...... Use your imagination!

First thing is to season the fish .. I normally use creole or blackened seasoning but a little salt and pepper works, maybe a little lemon pepper or cayenne. (Just go easy on the salt if using crackers). Lay the fillets out, sprinkle the seasoning and let it soak in for a few minutes while you're getting an open pan, like a frying pan, going with enough water to cover or almost cover the thickness of the fillets.

The water needs to just very lightly boil. When you got it to that point slip in a panful of fish and poach 'em just to the point they start to flake. Thick fillets will need to be turned unless completely covered with water. It is perfectly OK if it's not completely done, you just want it to break up easily.

After you have the fish poached set it aside to cool, it's not a bad idea to slip them from the pan into some cold water to stop the cooking process, then out to a plate to dry, but you can skip that if you want.

While the fish cools get your veggies sliced & diced and your egg beaten. Add the diced veg to a big bowl along with the beaten egg(s), slip the COOLED fish into the bowl and gently break it up and mix it in with a fork. Don't work it too hard. Next add your other flavors, spices & herbs. Gently work them in. I'll add in a little olive or peanut oil too, just a touch to help keep the cakes moist.

Now the (slightly)tricky part. Add enough mayo(and a dab of mustard) to the mix so that the cakes will be moist. This is going to depend on how much breading you plan to mix in. If you need to stretch a few fish a long way you're of course going to add more breading, same if you have a stronger flavored fish(like striper or white bass). If I have plenty of mild tasting fish, like crappie, I shoot for the least breading possible.
You can add more mayo later so don't go overboard, it could force you to add more breader than you want.

Next add your prepared breading. I like to crush the crackers as fine as possible. Some folks leave it a little courser, both work just fine. At this point I usually put down the fork and use my hands so as not to continue to break up the fish.
Get the ingredients mixed thoroughly but don't over do it. Add mayo or breading as needed so that you can form a cake that will just barely hold together.

The cakes can be skillet fried immediately, but a few minutes to several hours in the fridge will make them easier to handle. You can even mix them a day or two in advance and just keep the mixture covered in the fridge.

Make the cakes as thick as possible and still hold together, they'll be moister. Sometimes I dust 'em with a little breader like House Autry for more crunch. Cook them till just till brown on the outside, don't over cook. (This is the reason you dice your veggies very small so they require little or no cooking)

There are a ton of variations for this.

Crushed unflavored tortilla chips & chipotle panko bread crumbs for the breading, cumin & chili powder, bell pepper & onions for the flavors, squeeze a little lime on after their done and you got Mex flavored cakes.

Italian herb panko & crushed white bread lightly toasted for the breading, oregano, garlic, bell pepper & onion, finish with a little dab of pizza sauce from a jar.

Crumbled cornbread(let a few slices dry in the oven @200) & a little plain flour for breading, crumbled cooked bacon and some onions cooked in the fat.

The cakes I made at the New River bash were with Ritz crackers, onions, garlic, white pepper, capers & dill. I had a bunch of crappie fillets so went as easy as possible on the crackers.