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  1. brownale brownale is offline
    Fried, Sauteed/Skillet

      bass with cajon cream sauce

    season bass,"or any other fish or shrimp" with salt, pepper, and dash of cayenne then saute in olive oil til half done.
    add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and reduce down, add half cup of heavy cream, dash or more of your favorite hot sauce and chopped parsley and continue reducing down til starts to thicken into sauce.
    serve with rice or noodles.
  2. Dave B. Dave B. is offline
    Fried, Sauteed/Skillet

      Wink Bass/Pan Fish on the skillet

    Very simple

    Old bay seasonin
    fresh garlic

    heat up a cast iron skillet with butter (not margarine) to med/hi heat
    put old bay seasonin in a zip loc bag (large size)

    as butter is melting in pan, throw in chop'd garlic

    now put fillets in the zip lock bag with seasonin and shake real good

    pull fillet(s) out and throw right into the pan when the butter is startin to

    cook each side till nice and firm and starting to crust/brown real good

    Serve with mashed tater... [Read More]

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