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Recipe: Japanese Ginger Fish

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    Japanese Ginger Fish

    Japanese Ginger Fish

    I got this recipe from a chef at a Scuba Diving conference in the mid 1980's in Raleigh. Folks who don't like fish will eat this. I've seen it many times and have prepared it with much success.

    Firm fish fillets. I bet spanish would be great. Tallapia is an excellent choice when nothing is biting. Sea Mullet would be awesome!

    Mix a marinade of white wine1/2 cup, soy sauce1/2 cup, prepared (wet) garlic 1 heaping tablespoon, and ginger root sliced and bruised a bit 1 heaping tablespoon.

    Marinate fish for no more than 30 min. Let em drip off a bit, woody stuff too, then shake em up in PURE Corn Starch...nothing else. Fry them quickly in peanut oil and serve hot, with rice and a light stir fry. You will very likely enjoy this. Most people do. It tends to leave your kitchen smelling fragrant for a while though. I'm not sure why it generates more aroma than other recipes but it does. Sho is fine eatin!
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    May the sea lice of a thousand striper infest your fishbox!

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    I think I was at the same Scuba conference. Did you get the recipe at a cooking seminar taught by two guys using Orange roughy as the fish?

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