*Ammounts will vary and depend on size of fish.
Tony Chacheries Cajun Seasoning
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Italian Style Bread Crumbs.

Heat up deep fryer to chicken setting before you start to prepare the fish. Saves time...

1. Mix about 2 Cups flour, 2 TBS of Cajun, 2 TBS of LPS, and around 1/2C of BreadCrumbs.
2. In seperate bowl add 4 Eggs and a tad bit of milk... Just enough to make it have a uniform color.
3. Put cut up fish into the Egg.
4. Pull out a pice of egged fish and put it in batter....
5. Repete until you have enough fish that you can cook the most w/out your deep fryer losing heat.
6. I do'nt know the right ammount of time, as i have never timed it, seems about 1 or 2 min, usually when the fish floats its done.
7. Drain oil and put the fish on a papertowl.
8. Eat and enjoy!!!!!

*If you like spicy stuff as i do, add a little Ground Red Pepper (Cayan pepper)