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  1. Dave B. Dave B. is offline
    Smoked and Grilled

      Smoked shark steaks

    Easy to fix and tastes great.

    What you'll need:

    shark steaks (as thick or as thin as you want them, usually 1/2-3/4 inch work/cook great)
    Brown sugar
    Worchestershire sauce
    Stubb's liquid smoke or oak or hicky wood chips if smoking on the grill (note: Jack Daniels wood chips work great!!)
    Fresh chop'd garlic
    Ground pepper
    Sea or Table salt

    Use a small bowl to mix the marinade:
    Mix about 1/4 of Worchester sauce, 1/2 Tea Spoon of liquid smoke into a small bowel, add in a dash of sal... [Read More]
  2. Hookeye Hookeye is offline
    Smoked and Grilled

      Stuffed trout

    Some of the trout I catch are small, so I whip up
    some stovetop stuffing and place it inside of the fillet,
    grill the fish slowly , low heat or indirect heat until the meat flakes easy with a fork , and eat.
    This gives you a little bit more to eat with that little fellow.

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