Aluminum Foil
Lemon Juice
Cajun RUB

1. Take enough aluminum foil out that will fully seal the fish.
2. Put around 3 TBS of butter in a small bowl. Add 2 TSP of Lemon Juice and a dash of salt and pepper. Heat until a liquid.
3. Spread a GENEROUS ammount of Rub on both sides of the FILLETs.
4. Put fish on the aluminum foil, and put the butttery mixture over the fish.. Seal off completely.
5. I use Charcoal grill, i smoke it 10 min on one side and 10 on the other, Propane users will have varied cooking times.
6. Pull off and enjoy!\
7. I like to take the butter mix that is left over and pour it over some baked potatos!!!