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Recipe: Smoked shark steaks

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    Smoked shark steaks

    Easy to fix and tastes great.

    What you'll need:

    shark steaks (as thick or as thin as you want them, usually 1/2-3/4 inch work/cook great)
    Brown sugar
    Worchestershire sauce
    Stubb's liquid smoke or oak or hicky wood chips if smoking on the grill (note: Jack Daniels wood chips work great!!)
    Fresh chop'd garlic
    Ground pepper
    Sea or Table salt

    Use a small bowl to mix the marinade:
    Mix about 1/4 of Worchester sauce, 1/2 Tea Spoon of liquid smoke into a small bowel, add in a dash of salt, dash of ground pepper, two spoonfulls of brown sugar, and as much garlic as you think you want... I love garlic so I add two cloves. Some may want to add less. Mix this well and let set while you clean and wash the shark steaks.

    in a tupperware bowl, place cleaned and washed shark steaks in (without the skin on)

    Pour in the marinade over the steaks(roughly enough to come up half way up the steaks), put in the fridge covered and let marinate at least 4 hours. Note-after 2 hours, flip the steaks over to marinate the other sides.

    When ready, fire up the grill.
    I don't soak the wood chips in water since the steaks dont take too long to cook and I like mine with a heavy oak smoked taste.

    When grill is ready, prior to placing steaks on the grate, throw wood chips on the coals, add the steaks, then close the grill top and let smoke for 20 minutes or until done enough to pull apart with a fork.

    Some folks like lemon squirted on them once done or a BBq sauce to dip steak chunks in.. I usually have both available and either way tastes great.

    So next time you get a shark, give this recipe a try, you might be suprised how good shark steaks can be.

    (key to great tasting shark steaks, is to quickly gut/clean the shark after it's dead and get it immediately on ice... we use ice blocks (gallon jugs of water frozen) to put inside them and then cover them with ice)... Doesnt matter what kind of shark you get, recipe works on all of them and they dont taste gamey.

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    Default Re: Smoked shark steaks

    Bring this one back up to the top since shark action is picking up...
    Also this recipe works good on other gamefish as well.

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    Shark is among the best if you clean and ice it right away. Me and a bud put on a fish fry with a 65lb tiger shark and an 18lb king. There were 9 people there and the tiger shark flew off the platter while the king went pretty much untouched. When It was over it was all gone but the topic was how good the shark was.

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    sounds great!
    never had shark either, but would love to try it.

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    Ya'll pay special attention to that bottom paragraph that says the key to good shark is to clean it and get it on ice quickly. If you don't uric acids can form in the meat and make it unpalatable. AL

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