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Recipe: Trigger Fish on the grill

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    Trigger Fish on the grill


    Not many folks, including myself, though trigger fish would be a good fish to eat, but I'm here to tell ya, they are delicious!!!! If cooked the way I describe below, they'll taste just like lobster!! No joke.

    Though very tough to clean (i.e. dull up a fillet knife) with their tough skin, they are definately worth the time and effort.

    Fillet out the meat (skin off)
    rinse fillets with fresh water then place in a bowel
    of cold water with a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon or lime

    on a charcoal grill, wait till the coals are completely ashed over

    while waitin' prep the fillets as such.
    Start with large section of tin foil
    spread butter on the foil, sprinkle a little garlic powder on
    then lay fillets onto the buttered foil
    put tabs of butter on top of fillets
    then put cut lemon sections in the mix
    wrap up the foil (use as much foil as needed)
    then poke a few holes in top of foil with toothpick

    when coals are ready, put the foiled bundle of fillets onto the grill
    close grill top
    slow broil for 20 minutes
    then pull out the bundle, open up and eat

    We call it Poor man's Lobster and dang if it dont taste just
    like lobster

    Season to taste after cooking if necessary....

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    Trigger fish is awesome! We have only had it fried, but it is so good. We have not been lucky enough to catch enough of it to do on the grill. Maybe soon!

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    Hey Birdie - welcome to NC Angler!

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    We do that up here with lake Erie Sheephead. Except we boil it.

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