Well, lately I've been puttin the good ol' charcoal grill to use, and WOOOOWHEEEE! Producing some good tasting fish. Try it out.

-5-6 medium sized fish ~1'
-2 cloves of garlic
-1/4 cup corn oil
-1 medium sized onion
-1/2 cup lemon juice concentrate
-Campbells tomato juice
-seasonings to taste

Gut and behead the fish. I've been using rainbow trout and small mouths lately. Chop up the garlic and onion and throw them into a deep bowl which you can fit everything into (the smaller you chop it up, the better). Pour in the oil, lemon juice, tomato juice, seasonings (salt, pepper, Vegeta, etc.) Place the fish into the bowl and stir everything around with your hands making sure that all the fish get coated evenly. Cover bowl with a plate so that nothing gets in there. Let this stand for a few hours so that the fish soaks in the marinade.
Start up your grill and make sure that the fire is out before you start grilling but the coals are white hot. Place aluminum foil onto the grill, and the fish onto the foil, cover fish with the marinade for extra flavor, cook for about 10-15 minutes, turning 3-4 times (smaller fish like this cooks very fast). Remember to keep the grill covered so that the fish acquires a nice smokey flavor.....ummummummm. Ive been cooking up some Zatarains rice in my cast iron skillet on the grill also, man the stuff comes out great. TRY IT OUT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!