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Recipe: Catfish Stew

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    Recommended by my good friend Garye at work. (You can count on Garye!)

    (1-2) lbs. catfish fillets
    (3) slices bacon chopped
    (1) cup chopped onion
    (1/2) cup chopped green bell pepper
    (1) 28 oz. can tomatoes
    (2) cup peeled & diced potatoes
    (1) cup water or clam juice
    (1/4) cup tomato sauce
    (1-2) tablespoons worcestershire sauce
    (1) teaspoon salt
    (1) teaspoon pepper
    (1/2) teaspoon thyme
    (1) tablespoon Old Bay seasoning

    Cut fillets into 1" pieces. Fry bacon in large iron *skillet. Add onion and bell pepper. Cook until tender. Add all ingredients except fish & simmer for 30 minutes. Add fish and cook for 20 minutes more.

    Serve with cornbread - feeds (4-6) people

    * You may want to use a large pot as it may be too much even for a large skillet.

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    I know you posted this recipe years ago but I just found it and it looks great! Knew there was a better way to cook catfish than just frying the heck out of it. Thanks to Garye from me if he's still working with you!

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