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  1. NC Piedmont
    Just finished fishing Badin today before that hard rain hit! We had a good bite this morning from launch time to about noon. Once the sun came up the bite got a little tougher to pull a fish! We caught our limit before 8 o clock, mainly on topwater. No monsters but mainly all 1.5 pound each...
  2. General Fishing Topics
    any tips on the closest place to get blue back herring near Concord, NC? Also anyone fish Badin lately for stripers?
  3. NC Piedmont
    My brother and I took the yaks to Badin this morning for a few hours of fishing before the heat set in. The water surface temp was around 85, and the water was smooooth. No topwater action near the grassline early. Around 6 am, I switched to a T-rigged 7.5" Yum ribbontail in Tequila Sun color...
  4. NC Piedmont
    I have been fishing at Tuckertown Reservoir and have not caught any crappie that is considered 'big'. I fish on land at night whenever I can and I have not caught any big ones. Has anyone caught anything big? Note that I have been trying to crappie fish since early March and have not caught any...
1-4 of 4 Results