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  1. NC Coast
    Went fishing last week at BHI (bald head island). As usual, I fished almost exclusively in the marina. Went in expecting mostly specs, but actually caught a lot of red drum. Caught 9 drum and one sheepshead the first day, 3 or 4 drum the next day and nothing on my third day of fishing. Average...
  2. NC Coast
    Fished the Bald Head Island surf over Labor Day weekend. Was surprised to see that the fishing was fairly decent following the "hurricane". Caught 3 red drum off the 'point' (where East and south beach connect, at the shoals). A bunch of small to medium sized bluefish as well. Also hooked a...
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey, I am headed to BHI this weekend, and was wondering if there is any activity down there? I will probally fish the east-south beach point and maybe the west beach point. Thanks , luke
1-3 of 3 Results