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  1. New Member Introductions
    Name's Ben ... but you can call me Nardo422. I'm new here but always looking for some good tips/advice and potentially some lakeshore fishing buddies in the Cornelius area ... since I don't have a boat, I spend most of my fishing time on the banks. At the time of this post, I'm currently on a...
  2. Freshwater Fishing
    A little new to the area and looking for some good bank fishing areas with my boys. Preferably under 1 hour away.
  3. Fishing Clubs
    Ok so my roommate and I have been wondering how to get to the opening on Tar river that we pass by all the time. I know everyone has seen it. Its the openeing u see when you goin down Greenville Blvd/264 going towards North Campus Apartments and u look over to the right as you cross the bridge...
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey guys where is the best place to Bank fish for bass? preferably not a fort bragg area, as my wife doesnt want to spring the 25 bucks cause' she doesn't know if she'll like fishing. thanks
1-4 of 4 Results