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  1. Kayak Fishing
    I finally purchased my first yak and already caught the fever. Went to Abbott Creek on Saturday morning and Belews Lake Sunday. Both were slow but I officially got the yak slimed. I followed the directions here for Abbotts creek and pulled in at about 7:00 AM. Parking was sketchy, I ended up...
  2. Fishing Clubs
    Any Fishing Club Members here that fish tournaments at Belews Lake? I see the weigh-ins almost every weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays, but I don't any of the clubs or where they are from.
  3. NC Piedmont
    My wife and I went to the lake today and arrived around 7am, a few boats in the water, but not bad at all. I fished the cove beside the hot hole and caught one 2 lb bass and then caught one at the hot hole to the right..about same size. That is all I caught for the day and I threw a ton of...
  4. NC Piedmont
    Ok, the last thread has grown so much that I figured I'd start a new one with the latest info from Belews. The Fishers of Men trail held the first tournament of this year at Belews tand quite a few fish were caught. 14 pounds and some change won the tournament and the anglers caught their...
  5. NC Piedmont
    Hi all! I have enjoyed the brief time I have been able to read the posts here and now as a new member, I hope to be a contributor as well! I will be fishing in a tournament there in February and have been trying to learn as much as possible by reading the reports here. After looking at the...
1-5 of 5 Results