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  1. Gear and Tackle I figured I would share what I've found to be a great product to carry along while fishing. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.
  2. Freshwater Fishing
    Striper fishing for me has been pretty good lately. I've managed about 7 from a local spot with two keepers at 20". This spot I fish when I don't have time to make the run up to the Roanoke. Speaking of he Roanoke, bighow104 and I made the hike up there this past weekend to try our luck. First...
  3. Fishing Tournaments
    Beginning November 14th-15th 2015 will be a prospective annual crappie fishing tournament with different divisions hosted on different premier Piedmont crappie fishing havens. To kick it off come join your fellow crappie anglers as we bring in a new affordable tournament for the weekend warriors...
  4. NC Coast
    Headed East with BigHow104 and Ecunupe early Sunday morning in search of some ready and willing Trout. Safe to say we found them and a fee of their other aquatic friends. 11 keeper Trout, 2 small flounder, 1 Rat Redfish, and a bonus 20+ Inch Striper on a Vudu Shrimp.
  5. NC Piedmont
    Hit the spot today and sure glad we did. Fished again with Bighow104 his son and my lady. Between all of us over 50 fish were caught. Mix of crappie, white bass, and another good tilapia. All caught on the same Lake Fork plastic with 1/8 jig heads. Can't wait to get out again.
1-5 of 5 Results