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  1. Meet and Greet
    My wife and I are new to fishing NC. We are in the Kannapolis area and are looking to find a nice place to fish some krappie , pan fish, cats, walleye, or even small mouth bass. from the bank or a pier within about an hour or so from here. Any advice welcome including best times and whats...
  2. Kayak Fishing
    Just looking for places to fish for cats out of the Yak and came across Blewett Falls Lake. Just wondering how it is to fish from the yak and if there are good launch points. I see what looks like a place to launch right below the dam on the right side . The grass Islands look interesting also...
  3. Meet and Greet
    Hey I have recently been looking for a place to river fish and actually found a awsome spot privately owned on the Nuese...The are is about 25 feet deep with some embankments running along side the channels....i just have some questions since i have not really been river fishing in the Nuese...
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    The Cape Fear River All I have fished is the stretch from the Riverside Boat Ramp to Locke and Dam #3. My Question is how far up river is it navigable in a shallow draft boat like a Carolina Skiff? Also does anyone know where I could obtain a descent chart for the river?
1-4 of 4 Results