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  1. NC Piedmont
    My wife & I took a charter. We caught 9 catfish, 2 stripers, and a freshwater red drum (released). We caught more than we could take home. Nothing less than 5lbs. The biggest was about 15 lbs (released). Would love to get this same outcome on Falls or Jordan Lakes. I've got technique, if you...
  2. Saltwater Fishing
    Will be staying in Carolina Beach for several days in mid-September. Looking to take my wife and almost 7-year old son on a short daytime charter fishing trip (3 or 4 hours). Not interested in just trolling, would prefer to stay in the sound or close-in offshore. Did a google maps search and...
  3. NC Coast
    Went out fishing this past weekend on the Sandra D from Pirates Cove marina in Manteo NC. We ran South toward Hatteras about 30 miles and got thick into the mahi mahi, once we were tired of messing with the smaller sized dolphin we put down the riggers started trolling and released 2 sailfish...
1-3 of 3 Results