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  1. Angler Connections
    How's it going? Marine who recently checked into Cherry Point. From Denver and would really like to learn how to catch some big ole fish! Little experience bass fishing but would really like to learn how to fish the Neuse and Slocum Creek. Any tips would be very much appreciated! -Dillard
  2. NC Coast
    Fished from 6:00am - 8:30am using mirrorlure 17MR got 16 1/2 inch striper, 15in puppy drum, and 15in speckled trout
  3. NC Coast
    Fished recreation area near Central Issue Facility(CIF) at 1pm no rain got 16" puppy drum. Later came back got 19" flounder both on redfish magic 4" glass minnow in electric chicken and 1/8th oz white jighead. I saw the drum near the surface making circles, I casted 2-3ft from it. Before i could...
1-3 of 3 Results