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  1. Fishing Clubs
    Iv'e been looking for the past few weeks on how to join either a tournament or a club. Nothing I read makes much sense because I am new to the whole club and tournament scence but not fishing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live right outside of wake forest and I know that there are...
  2. Fishing Clubs
    Red X Anglers Who we are and how to join. Red X Anglers started as a group of anglers that enjoy fishing coastal NC. Since then we have gained members to our West who enjoy fresh water fishing. With many members being in the military we have members Internationally in places like Iraq...
  3. Fishing Clubs
    I am a non-boater looking to join a club near the Lake Norman, Tuckertown, and Tillery area. I am located in Concord, NC. Club should be in BASS federation, please PM if a spot is available. Thanks, Tyler
  4. Fishing Clubs
    Hi, I just started using this site. and lived in the jville area for a few years. and done tourny's every so often when i could but does anyone know about any bass clubs in the jville area. i know of one the hawg hunters but never got a reply back from them so im looking for other options. and...
  5. Fishing Clubs
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bass club to fish with from now to May or so, possibly longer. It depends on where I go after I graduate from WFU. I fish the College Series and am trying to find more tournaments to fish. Ryan
  6. Fishing Clubs
    Wondering if there is any interest in a fishing club for either GTCC and UNCG? Or a club in the high point/greensboro/jamestown area? Please, leave some feed back.
  7. Fishing Tournaments
    The Topsail Offshore Fishing Club is a group of guys and gals that meet once a month to fish,eat and tell fish tales. We fish for kings on a Saturday, get together in the evening and weigh in our fish for our "inner club tournament", then eat a provided dinner (usually fish or shrimp, oysters...
  8. Fishing Clubs
    In part of a discussion that we had at our recent Cookout , several members mentioned that they are ready for a club fishing event. Therefore, I’m going to propose a couple of options for dates and type of trip for our outing. I will ask that you select one of dates in the poll for our outing...
1-8 of 8 Results