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  1. NC Piedmont
    Anyone been in Jordan Lake since ramps reopened? We want to take our grandson crappie fishing this weekend there. Wondering if anyone is having any luck? Thanks!
  2. NC Piedmont
    I fished Jordan for crappie yesterday and today. Yesterday was miserable... launched at Ebeneezer around 8am, with temperatures in the upper 20s, windchill in the lower 20s, and snot freezing in my beard. After about 90 minutes of punishment with 0 bites, I called it a day and headed back to the...
  3. NC Piedmont
    Met jbarefoot22 at some local water after work yesterday to see if we could find any big girls biting. I had been reading epic saltwater reports all day from the likes of curtis, Greenmonster, and J.Edwards, and to say I was antsy to be fishing saltwater was a drastic understatement...
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    I just purchased a super bright submersible fishing light that I am eager to try out on some local crappie at night. However, I'm not really sure where to launch in the area, as most of the local put ins that I'm familiar with seem to close at dusk. Does anyone know of a good 24-hour launch in...
  5. NC Piedmont
    I went fishing today from 9am - 1pm at Falls Lake, launching at Route 50 boat ramp and fishing around several points to the right of the dam. The water temperature has gradually been creeping-up this last week and was between 62 and 64 degrees today. The wind had me blowing around a lot in my...
  6. Meet and Greet
    My Hobie Pro Angler and I just moved to Tarobor, NC from Stockton, MO. I've read some good things about the crappie in the Tar Reservoir, and it's only about 30 minutes away, so I guess I'll start there.
  7. Gear and Tackle
    I was looking to purchase some of the Charlie Brewer slider heads, worms, grubs. I was wanting the ones to catch bass on and possibly the smaller ones to catch crappie on. I would appreciate any recommendations on each as far as size and which ones to get as there are quite a few to chose from...
  8. Freshwater Fishing
    Anybody catching Crappie at Falls Lake, Beaver Dam area? Caught this nice one last week at the Pier at Beaver Dam.
  9. Freshwater Fishing
    I caught this 1 lb 2 oz Black Crappie on a wave worm wacky rigged. I was recording with my gopro all day and the one time it decides to glitch up and not record was when I caught this massive crappie! I was pretty upset that I didn't get it on camera but how could you be mad when you catch a...
  10. NC Piedmont
    Spent the day at Moss Lake. Winds were calm but it was hot and humid. Water temps between 79 and 83. Tried long lining for crappie in several different places around the lake with little luck. One 8" crappie about 10' down in 14fow. We were marking plenty all about 10' down in 10 to 20 fow...
  11. General Fishing Topics
    In the past I lived in MO and in FL where I fished a lot with my father and grandfather. I have several fond childhood memories of fly fishing trips, and sitting on my grandfather dock in MO. After years of not fishing, I have decided that it is time to dust off my poles and tackle box. I...
  12. NC Piedmont
    Hey guy's n gal's I'm new to this site so bare with me until I get everything figured out. My boat has been down for some time now and quite frankly I'm tired of pouring money into it lol. There is not many good fishing spots in the Piedmont for shore anglers which is quite discouraging...
  13. NC Piedmont
    I have been fishing at Tuckertown Reservoir and have not caught any crappie that is considered 'big'. I fish on land at night whenever I can and I have not caught any big ones. Has anyone caught anything big? Note that I have been trying to crappie fish since early March and have not caught any...
  14. NC Piedmont
    I am heading to Falls in the morning to wet a line. Any suggestions on where the pre-spawn hogs may be suspended? I hope to try out some new lures and techniques. Maybe even cast for some crappie. Enjoy being away from work and casting a few.
  15. Freshwater Fishing
    I'm headed out to Buckhorn this weekend to try a little crappie fishing. Haven't been out there in 15 years crappie fishing, but use to do pretty good. Any suggestions on bait or where to start looking for crappie. I always used beetlespin, but read an article in NAFC magazine about using bright...
  16. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey all, Wondering if the crappie are dropping off at Umstead. Been fishing Sycamore Lake last couple of days and can't find them! Only caught four in past two outings... throwing every color jig I have at them, even with a spinner. Maybe they've moved to deeper water?? :confused:
  17. Freshwater Fishing
    Hi all, Just moved down to NC from NJ. Looking for places to fish for either crappie or largemouths. Biggest issue is I don't have a boat down here so looking for shoreline access. Anyone got any suggestions for an NC newbie? Much obliged
  18. NC Piedmont
    Went fishing on Lake Norman yesterday evening with Wes Lewis and Josh Wahab and we got into some very nice crappie, largemouth bass, spotted bass, and white perch action. The fish were not nearly as active as last week and we did not find any striped bass, but Wes was still able to put on some...
  19. Freshwater Fishing
    I am wanting to put some structure in the bottom of a lake. My thoughts were as follows. make a form in which to pour concrete. The form would be approx 24inches by 24 inches. in that form I will insert 5 or 6 3/4" couplings and a single eyebolt. in the bottom of the coupling I will use...
  20. Freshwater Fishing
    I was thinking about trying to go out friday night and do some crappie fishing at Harris lake but I wasnt sure if anyone would know if now is a good time to go or would i be wasting my time. Any tips or info would be much appreciated.
1-20 of 26 Results