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  1. Vendor Deals
    As the northern half of the continent emerges from winter into warmer weather, thousands of amateur anglers will soon start taking to the shores of freshwater lakes across the Americas for some leisurely shore fishing. Some of them will scarcely catch a fish all summer and be perfectly fine with...
  2. Gear and Tackle
    Eons ago, man fished with spears. Our ancestors, equipped with nothing but a pointy stick, keen eyesight, and wicked-fast reflexes, would remain perfectly still for minutes at a time, waiting for a sufficiently meaty fish to swim within range and, with all the explosiveness of a cheetah...
  3. Gear and Tackle
    So, I had this guy for about a year and thought I'd write up a review since I think it's currently the best of the various competing products like the iBobber and such. I got this because I needed something for my kayak in the interim, until I got a Helix 5 I had my eye on, and to serve as a...
1-3 of 3 Results