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  1. Freshwater Fishing
    Gonna try out DNP in the early morning to see if I can get anything to bite. Probably open the day with some topwater lures and slowly transition into a jerkbait and plastic worm. I've lived in the area for a while, but never fished DNP that often! I know.... huge mistake from what I've heard...
  2. NC Piedmont
    Greetings Friends! I'm currently a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have not posted here often, as I did most of my fishing in Miami FL. I used to hit up the everglades in a canoe for BMB and Bowfin (I loved how they fought), as well as the wonderful Peacock Bass. I'm...
  3. NC Piedmont
    so we decided to do this tournament for free , no entry money and there won't be a shirt at this one like i wanted , maybe the next one , but it will still be fun . there will be a 2 lure per person entry though :D so the day is september 19th :D i know some of you won't be able to make this...
  4. NC Piedmont
    There's a lot of local bankfisherman on here that seem to love Durant Nature Park as much as i love it ;). There's two big ponds that are open to the public . I was in a tourny last week and the feeling is amazing when you fish for competition :D this idea i'm thinking about would give...
1-4 of 4 Results