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  1. Gear and Tackle
    Hey Y'all, I'm looking for some help repairing the anti-drag on my Penn 3000 reel. I've added pics and the schematics for reference. Can't seem to figure out how to setup the springs and dog to repair the anti-drag. The spool will free spin both ways even when the anti-drag lever is set to...
  2. Gear and Tackle
    I have several vintage Mitchell 300 spinning reels that I still use. Today, I was fishing in a local lake and the drag started acting up. Acting up as in it would not hold the desired adjustment and would work loose. On one strike I set the hook only to have the spool spin because the drag had...
  3. Gear and Tackle
    I need some expert advice on my Shimano Sahara 2500fb reel....The original drag washer has finally worn out and I bought a set of 3 carbontex washers that fit my reel on Ebay. After pulling out the old washer and metal cover under the spring, I put one carbontex washer in and realized there...
1-3 of 3 Results