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  1. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey Everyone I just moved here with my wife and we are looking for places to fish. We are from Minnesota and completely new to the "catfish region". We are used to lake shore and lake boating fishing for bass, crappie, walleye, bluegills, and northern pike. Any information about techniques...
  2. General Fishing Topics
    I have fished most of my life and live doing it but I am BRAND NEW to fishing in NC for bass and catfish. I am used to fishing for trout, not bass or catfish. I have tried a few spots but didn't have any luck. I have fished around ft Bragg and even down at Locke and Dam 3. I have caught a couple...
  3. General Fishing Topics
    Clear out your closet, shed, garage, or other fishing tackle hiding place and join us at A.K. McCallum's on March 31st at 8:30am for our 1st Annual Fishing Tackle Swap meet. Buy, sell, or trade your excess or unwanted with FAAN members. Tables will be rented for $10 each and proceeds will help...
  4. Fishing Clubs
    A new club is forming in Fayetteville, with the intent of fishing some small local ponds and out at Jordan and Harris a few times. We are targeting average weekend anglers and allowing the opportunity to fish in a low cost, friendly atmosphere. Our website is
  5. Fly-Fishing
    Our team the Fayetteville Fly Tiers, have a Fly-Tie-A-Thon to help save babies. Last year we had a good showing at the Tie -A-thon and raised over $5000.00. We had a great time. Here is the web site that tells about the Fly-Tie-a-Thon: Please go to this site and read about what we do. I`m very...
  6. Fishing Clubs
    Hey everyone. Fished a lot on the coast of VA but pretty unfamiliar with this area. Stopped by Lake Rim yesterday and it was terrible. Full of trash and really not a fish in sight. Saw another guy out there on a little boat and he was not catching anything. Looking through the posts on here...
  7. Freshwater Fishing
    me and my buddy are looking to try the cape fear river this weekend. we dont own a boat so we can only fish from shore. We go to ECU so we have been hittting the Tar River up this semester. Anywhere in Fayetteville to fish the Cape Fear river from shore? Thanx!
  8. Fishing Clubs
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the area and pretty new to fishing as well. I've got a small boat that I've fixed up with a 25hp johnson that is ready to roll but I don't have much experience fishing on the river or fishing for catfish. I was hoping to learn some basics like what is the best bait...
  9. Fishing Clubs
    Does anyone know anything about the fishing pier next to Waldo's beach?? I was thinking about trying it out one day if i got bored but im not trying to pay $5 and nothing is there. :) thanks
  10. The Scuttlebutt
    Wondering if there is any place near Hope Mills/Raeford that you can put your boat in and do some tubing or skiing? Looking to take some friends out but I don't really want to drive to Jordan/Harris. I saw some posts on Upchurch Lake(Lake Waldo) but did not see anything definitive. Is tubing...
  11. Fishing Clubs
    Does anyone know anything about a lake called Branson Lake? I saw it in the paper a few days ago and never heard of it. Im always looking for local lakes to fish in besides ft. bragg. and was wondering if this was anything to consider? If anyone has any info, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanx!
  12. Fishing Clubs
    Anyone know of any good lakes or ponds to fish in right now? I get bored since i havent found a job yet so if there any place i can jus pick and go to to catch a few fish? I live in Fayetteville near Jack Britt High School. Besides Ft Bragg and Lake Rim i dont know of any other place. and Lake...
  13. Fishing Clubs
    Ive been there about 5-6 times now and I'm just not getting a thing.. suppose I need a boat! So I have a question.. I noticed that with my texas rig my bullet weight was pushing the worm a little back down the hook and bunching it up some, so I modified it so I have a medium sized bead between...
  14. Freshwater Fishing
    :) I just wanted to let ya'll know I caught my first bass today... 17 inches and about 3 3/4-4 lbs. I pulled it out of Mckellers this afternoon. Cleaning it was quite the new adventure.. not exactly the same as the 7 inch lake trout I used to catch back home.
  15. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey guys where is the best place to Bank fish for bass? preferably not a fort bragg area, as my wife doesnt want to spring the 25 bucks cause' she doesn't know if she'll like fishing. thanks
  16. Fishing Clubs
    In part of a discussion that we had at our recent Cookout , several members mentioned that they are ready for a club fishing event. Therefore, I’m going to propose a couple of options for dates and type of trip for our outing. I will ask that you select one of dates in the poll for our outing...
1-16 of 16 Results