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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    Hea every one, I am planning a trip to the coast from the Raleigh area. I was wondering how all the run off from all the water is effecting the fishing? what may be the best place to launch for near shore fishing? I don't really knowof a lot of the fishing areas. If any one can help I would be...
  2. Freshwater Fishing
    I am new here and am a senior at NC State University. I finally got an apartment here in Raleigh so I have more time to search for fishing areas up here. I have been pecking around to try and find some places but everything feels quite restricted in this area. I like to fish off the bank and it...
  3. Freshwater Fishing
    My wife and I will be staying at a place on Lake Mayo through December. I have been out fishing with very limited success--2 bass, 1 pike, 1 sunfish, in 4 outings. Is it worthwhile to even fish the lake this time of year? If so, for what species, with what bait, where, and how? Thanks! Mark
1-3 of 3 Results